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Fred & Frank Campers

Comfort Meets Elegance

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Fred & Frank Campers was brought to life by a single mum named Brooke, who wanted to travel Australia with her son - Max (whos nickname is Fred) and her two year old dachshund Franklin (Frank the Tank)  

She wanted something luxurious, peaceful and above all safe. She brought her first van and got to work refitting and designing her dream van. From then Fred & Frank was born! 

"I grew up camping and traveling and wanted the same for my son. Being a single mum, i wanted something safe, reliable and easy to get in and go at the drop of a hat! I decided to buy a van and deck it out how i wanted. I thought if i have been searching high and low for a beautiful bespoke luxurious van - others must be too! I wanted to share my love of camping and family with my busy go, go, GO lifestyle. Fred & Frank Campers bring your love of camping and outdoors to your busy yet luxurious lifestyle together - all in one easy to go campervan"

Founder & Owner

 - Brooke Hargreaves 

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